A New Professional Body

Welcome to the holding website of The Institute for Agriculture & Horticulture (TIAH). 

TIAH will launch later this year as the home of professional development and training for the agriculture and horticulture industry in England.  

We will be the industry’s professional body. We will help support and transform the agriculture and horticulture sectors so that they are universally capable of creating profit and protecting the planet.   

TIAH will inform, inspire and co-ordinate the industry’s approach to skills to:  

  • Embed a culture of lifelong learning and continuing professional development 
  • Drive greater uptake of training 
  • Promote agriculture and horticulture as progressiveprofessional and exciting career choice  

A professional, fully competent workforce will enable businesses to boost their productivity and profitability while
 supporting landscapes and nature. 

TIAH’s development involves partners from across England’s agriculture and horticulture industry and UK Government. 

We welcome input to TIAH’s development from all organisations and businesses with an interest in industry skills. Learn how to get involved. 

What will TIAH do?

TIAH will make it easy for employers and employees to find suitable training options and develop skills, careers and businesses.  

The Institute will: 

  • set up an independent professional framework of competencies and qualifications around job roles  
  • make information more accessible by pointing to all existing and new training providers  
  • provide comprehensive information on the careers available in farming and horticulture, progression options and skills required 
  • launch an online space with a Professional Register for Agriculture and Horticulture, where employees and employers can log both formal and informal training and qualifications to keep track of achievements and training needs 
  • ensure that up-to-date knowledge of policy and regulations, as well as new and innovative farming and growing practices, are disseminated throughout the industry 
  • improve access to HR and personnel development support for small and medium sized businesses across the industry 
  • collate reliable data on the labour market, workforce requirements and skills shortages, to provide a truly comprehensive picture to the industry and government 


During 2020, much of the work undertaken on the concept of a professional body for the industry was led by the Agri-Hort Skills Leadership Group (SLG)This was a volunteer-based, multi-agency industry group.   

As the project gathered pace with growing industry and government support, the SLG transitioned to a more formal Development Board in November 2020 

Lord Curry of Kirkhale is TIAH’s Founding President and Project Sponsor. David Fursdon is Development Board Chair and Janet Swadling is Project Director.  

The Development Board has three work streams formed by members with expert knowledge of the industry and skills:  

  • Careers & Recruitment 
  • Professional Framework & CPD 
  • Digital Platform Development 

re is also an advisory TIAH Consultation Group. It involves more than 20 of the UK’s key agricultural and horticultural organisations. The group provides guidance and feedback to the Development Board 

AHDB has played, and is continuing to play, a pivotal role supporting the development of TIAH. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Agriculture and horticulture is undergoing huge change. Farmers and growers want to ensure their businesses are profitable and sustainable for the future while addressing environmental concerns.  

At all levels of the industry, success will require a sufficient workforce with the appropriate skills. Business owners and their employees will need to confirm and enhance their existing skills and, in many cases, acquire new ones.  

The industry has recognised the need to transform the current fragmented approach to skills and training. There is strong support across industry for the development of TIAH 

Watch the NFU’s Next Generation Forum fringe event at the Oxford Farming Conference 2020, which launched the cross-industry vision for a new professional body.  


All of TIAH’s work will enhance, rather than replace, what is already available. TIAH will providing a central hub for lifelong learning.  This is about partnership with others already working in the field. 

Everyone who can benefit or support skills development in agriculture and horticulture, including: 

  • All the agriculture and horticulture industry, including employees and employers 
  • Training providers 
  • Stakeholder organisations 
  • Teachers and career advisers 
  • Prospective new entrants to the industry, including those leaving school or Further and Higher Education, as well as career-changers  

Businesses with competent people will produce more and do so in a more environmentally and welfare friendly way. Being professional is about being competent and being able to demonstrate this to a wider audience. 

It is important that agriculture and horticulture are recognised as a professional industry. It will show it is a well organised sector and highlight opportunities for new talent to enter the industry.  TIAH will help raise the industry’s profile, so it is seen as on a par with others. 

Defra published its Agricultural Transition Plan at the end of November 2020, when it committed to contributing support to establishing TIAH.  

Government funding for TIAH will allow the Development Board, working with all parts of the industry, to take the Institute’s development into its next phaseTIAH will be looking to launch  its online services in Autumn 2021 


Collaboration is at the heart of developing TIAH. The 20 public and private organisations in the TIAH Consultation Group, drawn from across the agriculture and horticulture industry, are playing a critical role. 

TIAH is keen to partner with other organisations as it develops. We are also looking for industry representation on our working groups to develop the Institute and inform its activities.  

If your organisation wants to be involved, please get touch by contacting info@tiah.org